Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pagan Pride Day '09

It started with sleeplessness and nerves.

I worked over at Damned Ink Studios for First Friday, which is always fast paced and high strung for me. Lots of people, lots of emotions...it's a stimuli overload which leads to what we affectionately call, "First Friday Hangover"...but I didn't have the luxury of sleeping in and grogging through my day...I had Pagan Pride Day to go to.

I'd stayed up *way* to long working on last minute things that probably weren't all that important, but this was my first time having a booth and I was over thinking things. I woke before my alarm, and did my best to suppress my nerves while I loaded the truck.

The first highlight for me was getting to go with Ardriana. She's one of my best friends, and spending the day together, outside, in the presence of kindred was exciting. Plus, she helped me set up, and it went much faster and easier than I had thought. Took about 30 minutes, and we had a booth!

Not bad for a first time!

The table is a replica of a Civil War Confederate officer's mess table, made by my Father. The structure for the table and the two benches all break down and fit into the box, which becomes the table top. Nifty, huh? Add a sun shade, some Celtic throws, a few of my personal collection pieces for decoration, and I was pleased with how the booth turned out.

Close up of the bracelets and anklets.

Earring rack, with me in the background.

Finished Twilight Set...be jealous.

After I cooled off and changed into some garb, I settled in and got some supplies out to work with. It was a gorgeous day, and I really enjoyed people watching while I made a pair of earrings, cleaned and retrofit an older bracelet and put together a new design.

There was great music all day, dancing and a general air of enjoyment and belonging. I got to talk to people all day about magick and stones and my love for my craft...how awesome is that? And then, just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler...I got to meet my best Twitter friend the funny, smart and wise Dame Vegas! I wish I could have listened to her lecture on the History of Wicca...maybe next time.

It was interesting to see how many people hadn't even heard about stone magick, much less know anything about it. Apparently I have a niche, and I look forward to showing the community the beauty, elegance and power that are inherent in stones and what they can do to help you in your magickal endeavors.

I saw some of the lovely women from my Women of Sekhmet weekend, which was a blessing, and saw some of my friends, pagan and non, always a bonus. I did *not* win any of the tattoo gift certificates...which I call shenanigans on...but I can't be to disappointed as I had to much fun during the day.

It ended with an amazing sunset, hugs and lots of laughter. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Till then, be well,

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I love all the beautiful throws you set up in your booth. Theresa