Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Wrap Up

This week was pretty slow for me, course being sick a day and having my bead reamer turn up DOA will slow me down a tad. But it was not all wasted! I finished a custom necklace:

This is the center piece to a Twilight set (no sparkley vampires here...not that I don't like them...heh...*whistles innocently*). My inspiration for this piece actually came from a drive out to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet, which is about 50 minutes North West out of town. I saw the last line of gold ribbon the horizon which faded into purple and knew how this piece was going to be put together! Twilight is that last moment of the day, a bridge, an open door...there's mystery, magick and wisdom there. I'm waiting for some beads to arrive so I can finish the set. I'll have pics as soon as I can!

I am working on a set of pagan prayer or spell beads. They're not a rosary, or a mala prayer beads, though the design is similar. I should have a teaser pic up on Facebook next week with some luck.

After my next set of commissions are finished, I'll be able to buy beads for some of the new designs I have wandering around my head...I'm looking forward to that, hope you are too.

Till next time, be well,

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  1. There is an ancient belief repeated in many cultures, Greek, Roman, Celtic, that any time, place or state of being "between" here and there is a very magickal time/place. The Irish have always recognized "'Tween times" as very magickal times and opportunities.

    Perfect choice of stones; fire stones, conscious stones of the day leading into the water stones of dreams and psychic/spiritual awakening. Lovely.

    A beautiful expression of the "Tween" time of Twilight.
    Ardriana Cahill